What is Paranormal Percussion?

PARANORMAL PERCUSSION: An Original Halloween Drum Show

A rhythmic theatrical production of Halloween-themed songs played by a demented drum group using only percussion instruments.

Inspired by the melodies that haunt your dreams (in a good way), Paranormal Percussion explores classic Halloween songs with fresh perspective. Ghoulish visuals combine with percussion arrangements of your favorite spooky songs for a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen. *”Halloween Theme” intensifies*

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 The Show

Picture this: A curtain opens on a dark, foggy stage where masked men stand still as mannequins. They start to play a hauntingly familiar few notes on a marimba as they launch into a chilling, percussion-based medley of the spooky songs you put on your  ? All Hallows Eve ? playlist every October.

Paranormal Percussion is a Halloween experience like no other. The 10 -person crew scares on the downbeat and shocks on the backbeat as they run through some of the spooky music we all associate with Halloween. Do you hear the sound of “In the Hall of the Mountain King” playing in the distance? You’re about to.

Complete with stunning visual effects and exciting stunts designed to turn your blood cold, Paranormal Percussion is a scary good time with the potential to become an annual family tradition in the Wasatch Front.

 Paranormal Percussion and Warehouse 5 Drum Theatre are the brainchildren of Matt Nickle. You know him from Tummy Talk  (composer/performer of this viral hit), his appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live or America’s Got Talent, and one of the several viral YouTube videos he has created or been featured in. 

Not to mention his performances with the likes of Hugh Jackman and Andrea Bocelli.

Matt and his drum group, Warehouse 5 Drum Theatre, have combined energizing beats with the spookiest time of year for an electrifying percussion experience featuring popular Halloween songs as well as original compositions, all performed on percussion instruments only. 

This isn’t STOMP. This isn’t Blue Man Group. This isn’t Thriller. This is a completely new Halloween music event you have never seen before.

Be there or be snare.

  The Paranormal Percussion passion story 

How did Matt Nickle and Warehouse 5 Drum Theatre come up with the idea of Paranormal Percussion? Matt’s lifelong passion for performing led to years of musical training to master a wide variety of instruments, from drum sets to xylophonesmarimbas to crash cymbals.

Most musicians specialize in one instrument.

Percussionists master over 100. 

Where most musicians get to fully explore their musical talents in a symphony or orchestra, percussionists spend their careers standing in the back row, wearing a penguin suit, and counting rests to hit a triangle once every 50 measures.

Simply put, Matt loves percussion.

That’s why he has learned over 100 instruments and that’s why he spent the last 3 years composing, arranging, and recording this show, to give percussionists like him the chance to showcase the full spectrum of their talents.

In Utah, we love the arts. We put our kids in music and dance lessons, we attend more performing arts events than any other state in the nation, and we think it’s fun to get a little scared. Paranormal Percussion is perfectly suited for the Utah audience and beyond.

Matt poured his heart and soul into this production, creating fun medleys of your favorite Halloween songs and composing original spooky works of his own. The numbers work together for a chilling experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Songs include:

  • “Halloween Medley” arranged by Matt Nickle
  • “The Skeleton Dance”
  • “In the Hall of the Mountain King”
  •  Theme from “Jaws”
  •  “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas 
  •  And others

It’s not just the music that will draw an audience. Warehouse 5 is excited to showcase their many talents with rhythmic STOMP-like numbersmask-wearing performers drumming on coffins with butcher knives as drumsticks, and so much more.

Paranormal Percussion is an interactive and intense show, complete with custom staging, lighting, sound, and production.

Founder & Creator

 Current Job? Musician

 Drum Experience? 20+ years

 Top 3 Favorite Bands? Dave Matthews, Ben Folds, Guster

 Favorite music venue you have performed? Jimmy Kimmel Live

 Dream venue to perform at? Madison Square Garden

 Favorite Halloween Movie? Troll 2

 Non music related hobbies? Family, Softball, Binge Watch

 Favorite food? Anything breakfast, Lasagna

 Creative Director & Producer

 Current Job? Music Teacher

 Drum Experience? 20+ years

 Top 3 Favorite Bands? Creed, Scott Stapp, Alter Bridge

 Favorite music venue you have performed? Radio City Music Hall

 Dream venue to perform at? Red Rocks

 Favorite Halloween Movie? Psycho

 Non music related hobbies? Watching basketball (go Jazz),
playing basketball (I specialize in air balling 3’s), singing barbershop harmony

 Favorite food? Italian

 Artistic Director & Producer

 Current Job? Director of Bands, Centerville Junior High School

 Drum Experience? 25 years

 Top 3 Favorite Bands? Dave Matthews, Tower of Power and Snarky Puppy

 Favorite music venue you have performed? On the beaches of Morocco

 Dream venue to perform at? Carnegie Hall

 Favorite Halloween Movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas

 Non music related hobbies? Working in my yard, TV/movies and the occasional video game

 Favorite food? Almost anything on the grill

 Manager & Attorney

Current Job? President, Rigby Road Music + General Counsel, Vavani Productions

Drum Experience? 25 years

Top 3 Favorite Bands? Refused, Against Me!, Johnny Cash

Favorite music venue you have performed? Vans Warped Tour 2004

Dream venue to perform at? Whichever venue I’m playing in

Favorite Halloween Movie? Evil Dead

Non music related hobbies? Whiskey and Sharks!

Favorite food? Anything slathered in buffalo sauce

Paranormal Percussion is going to be a major event this Halloween, but that’s not the end goal. 

Just like Michael MeyersParanormal Percussion isn’t going to die after the first appearance. 

Instead, Warehouse 5 has big plans for more productions like this one, but for different holidays, seasons, and audiences.

The big picture: A percussion-centered performing company, showcasing the passions of talented musicians with energetic performances all year round.

Where does the money go?

From paying hardworking performers to booking a major venue, putting on a production like this can be scary expensive—the members of Warehouse 5 have already spent $30K out of their own pockets to get Paranormal Percussion off the ground!

The entire team is working for free, so every cent raised will be used for venue fees, advertising, production, licensing fees, and most importantly, building a long-term reputable performing company.

This show can be an annual staple for the people of Utah, especially if we can get things started on the right foot. That’s where you come in.

By donating you are not only helping with the logistics, but you are becoming part of the Warehouse 5 drum circle, and playing a bigger role in the creation of a quality artistic company. 

Consider donating today!

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